Image by Kelsey Knight


The DTC Wine Vendor Flywheel is put together by Paul Mabray with the help of Erica Gomez with the goal of helping wineries discover and navigate the crowded landscape of DTC wine vendors. 

How we include and organize the DTC vendors: 
  1. Only live vendors that have actual customers are included.

  2. We’ve started to add non-wine specific vendors if they are in common use with 10 or more wineries.

  3. We include international vendors if they serve the US winery market.

  4. In 2021 we’ve collapsed, expanded and added categories but the entire vendor list moved from 114 (in 2020) to 116.

  5. Just four vendors live in more than one category (WineDirect in Fulfillment and Full Stack Commerce, Quickbooks in Accounting and On-Premise POS, AMS Accounting and Full Stack Commerce, and Commerce7 in Full Stack Commerce.